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Even experienced skaters still find it a little strange when coming to longboarding, especially downhill skateboarding. This skating style does not contain so many hard tricks or complicated skills; however, the insane speed may fear a lot of newcomers.

Since a skateboard has to run at a pretty high speed, there are some requirements for downhill longboards that can be quite strange for most skaters. Therefore, a newbie to this style can find it extremely hard to pick a good skateboard.

In order to help those novices in getting the first downhill longboard, I would like to name some of the best products based on what I learned from a post published by SkateAdvisors discussing some suitable downhill longboards for beginners.

Although you may be interested in cruising, I only concentrate on products that are suitable for bombing steep hills at a high speed. Before continuing to each product, you may need to learn about the differences between different types of longboards and their constructions to understand them better.

Here are some of the best products that I have a little experience with:


This skateboard was initially designed for freeriding; however, people discovered that the board is a good all-around skateboard. For riding at an insane speed, the utmost conditions are quick responsiveness and ease to control. The Junli 41-inch can satisfy these requirements easily.

According to the guide for bombing hills by SkateAdvisors on html-seminar, the most important factor that a skater needs to care about is how well their skateboard can maintain balance at a high speed. The aluminum alloy trucks, PU support pads, and maple-wood decks will ensure skaters with a good level of stability.


If you are a big fan of flexible skateboards, you may want to own this bamboo longboard. Not only does this model provide the right level of flexibility, but the bamboo deck is also stable and durable like other premium products.

With the shallowness of concave, the deck is quite responsive in case of doing turns. Similar to other beginner longboards, this bamboo skateboard also has a drop-through construction.


If you are looking for the most durable skateboard on the market, you can not skip this longboard which can ensure the safest ride at such high speeds. Like other durable skateboards suggested by SkateAdvisors on line6, the deck of this Minority Downhill Longboard is made of rock maple which has 8 plies of wood.

To help newbies learn to skateboard easily, the drop-down construction is applied so that the center of gravity is significantly lowered to the ground. As you might know, when bombing down hills at insane speeds, stability is the number one priority.

All these products can withstand the weight of up to 220 pounds so both teenagers and adult skaters can get on the board.


I know downhill longboarding is fascinating; however, it will be extremely dangerous if you don’t know the right way to protect yourself with safety apparatuses for a skateboarder.