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claims management

Our claims management solutions provide our clients with a dedicated service to ease the stress and time consumption in lodging and negotiating fair outcomes on claims.


Our service goes significantly beyond the traditional scope of Broker claims support. We have developed a range of solutions that contribute to driving efficiencies in our clients’ business by reducing administrative frictional costs in lodging claims and in expedient turnaround times.

claims advocacy

workers' compensation

claims management

Managing workers' compensation claims with specialist claims technicians is a unique service offering compared to traditional insurance brokers. 

Our workers' compensation claims service include:

By professionally managing lost time injury (LTI) claims we will help ensure workers return to work in an efficient time frame

Reducing claims leakage costs caused by inefficient claims management directly impacts on insurance premiums.

Our service will over time assist in achieving lower premiums

Our network of specialist rehabilitation providers to provide proactive support for our employer clients

injury management and return to work (RTW) support services

SRG Group recognises that an early intervention program is a vital component in reducing complications and costs associated with workplace injury and illness.

With this in mind, we have made a conscious decision to extend our capability, with the provision a comprehensive claims management service inclusive of experienced professionals who can advise and assist our clients in the space of injury management and return to work.

We believe this additional service sets us apart from our counterparts, by assisting our clients to develop inhouse capability to proactively manage their injuries and return to work programs. This is not only beneficial to the injured worker, but also advantageous to the organisation by reducing claims costs and reducing insurance premiums, not to mention influencing the WHS Culture of the organisation.

SRG Group work closely with their clients with the following.


  • Assist to implement early intervention strategies, from immediately after the injury happens and throughout the management of the worker’s injury until the claim has been finalised.


  • Ensure that our clients understand their obligations under the Workplace Workers' Compensation and Injury Management Act & Regulations

  • Guide clients to develop sustainable and successful return to work strategies through collaboration between the parties associated with an injured worker’s Injury Management Plan i.e., managers and supervisors, and the nominated treating doctor

  • Regular encouragement for the client to maintain close contact with the injured worker to check on progress and plan for the worker to remain at work or return to work as soon as medically appropriate

  • Assist with the identification of suitable duties that are available within the workplace whilst having regard for the injured worker’s medical restrictions

  • Prompt the client to refer the worker to a workplace rehabilitation provider when required

  • Providing education, general advice, and support to those involved with managing claims.

workers comp claims management

claims advocacy

Our advocacy services are managed by our Senior Technical Claims Manager who will lead on negotiations on your behalf. We are supported by our panel of leading specialist consultants and legal counsel to ensure you have the highest level of support in achieving fair outcomes. 


Our claims advocacy services include:

Our Claims Advocacy services include:

Claim dispute resolution assistance

Our Claims Advocacy services include:

Legal and technical advice

RTW services

claims preparation consulting

Our consultants will coordinate all aspects of the claims management cycle from lodging the claim through to final settlement.


We will coordinate all stakeholders to ensure the claim is not unnecessarily delayed or impacting on your business productivity.

Our claims preparation services include:

Facilitate meetings with loss adjusters, assessors, repairers and suppliers

Rigorously represent your best interests

Oversee case file managers of Insurers to ensure claims are not unnecessarily delayed and are finalised within acceptable service levels.

Our professional time and other costs may be recoverable from your insurance policy, where additional costs are incurred for our services we will inform you prior to incurring them and advise if these are payable through your insurer or are a direct cost to you.

claims preparation consulting

seafarers claims management

Seafarers workers' compensation claims are complex, technical and require specialist claims technicians, who know the Seafarers Workers’ Compensation Act and Navigation Act. Our technicians can ensure claims are managed correctly within these frameworks. Many seafarers policies have a policy excess, managing claim costs below the excess are critical. 

Our seafarers workers' compensation claims service include:​​

Full claim management including indemnity determination and payments approval

Costs recovery from insurers

Seacare reporting

Reducing claims leakage costs caused by inefficient claims management directly impacts on insurance premiums. Our service will over time assist in achieving lower premiums. 

Our network of specialist rehabilitation providers to provide proactive support for our employer clients

seafarers claims management
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