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workers' compensation

SRG Group is committed to helping you look after your most valuable assets – your employees.

Whether you’re employing only a few staff or thousands, we make it easy for you to take control of your Workers’ Compensation insurance.

We can provide you with the following benefits:

reducing workers’ compensation premiums

We are able to assist you in reducing your Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premiums by addressing a number of areas, such as:

  • Review of all open claims to ensure best practice management is being utilised

  • Identify premium leakage  issues that may be evident as a result of poor claims management

  • Negotiate with all major Insurers to ensure the most competitive premium is obtained

  • Undertake a workers’ compensation rate analysis and benchmark your performance against your competitors

injury management

All employers are required to establish an injury management system. An injury management system is a written description of the steps to be followed when there is an injury in the workplace.

By committing to assisting injured workers to return to work as soon as medically appropriate, reduced claims costs will be achieved. This will have a direct impact upon workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

We will partner with you and your insurer to assist you in developing an injury management policy.

work health and safety systems

By lowering the incidence of injuries and accidents in the workplace, workers’ compensation claims are reduced thereby having a direct impact on the reduction in insurance premiums.

We will work closely with your Insurer to assist you in identifying and addressing any concerns you may have with your Work Health & Safety (WHS) system and then assist with the implementation of a tailor-made solution for you.

We also partner with SafetyFirst, an external WHS consultancy company who have expertise in the implementation of safety management systems.

technical claims management & employer advocacy

We adopt a flexible approach to claims, to best meet your needs and make this a stress free experience for you.

We take a pro-active and dedicated approach to ensure best practice in claims management and embrace several strategies to achieve this

  • Dedicated Claims Managers  to oversee all aspects of the claim cycle

  • Consultation and partnership with Insurers to achieve the best possible outcome

  • Regular Claim Review meetings with Insurers

  • Client advocacy and representation on all disputed claims

  • Seamless approach to claims management


Our dedicated Workers’ Compensation Claims Manager is highly skilled and has over 30 years experience in claims management. Through expertise and the development of strong relationships with Insurers we will manage the process and coordinate effective and efficient strategies to achieve positive outcomes. As a result we maintain:

  • Strong relationships with State Claims Managers and individual case managers across all major Insurers

  • Influence over claim strategies

  • Reduction in claim leakage through consultation and partnership with Case Managers


We understand the frustration that results from a claim and we will ensure that you are kept informed throughout the claim cycle.

Our Claims Management Service is included in our annual Broker Service Fee.

Workers' Compensation is determined by state-based legislation. Click on your state to find out the most relevant information:

WA       QLD      SA       NT      ACT       NSW      VIC      TAS

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