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SRG eClaim

SRG eClaim is a bespoke, cloud-based software solution designed for Seafarers Workers’ Compensation, Comcare and State based Workers’ Compensation or Group Personal Accident risk exposures that assists businesses to effectively manage all administrative components of injury claims. Our software solution enables you to effectively monitor claims, link all stakeholders in the one environment whilst mitigating the risk of incurring claims leakage costs associated with poor claims management.


A Hazard and Incident Reporting Module has been added to the software to assist our clients to adopt a proactive approach to hazard and incident reporting and remediation as part of their WHS Risk Management Strategy. The recording of hazards and incidents assists to identify frequent risks or trends across an organisation and ascertain where remediation and mitigation controls need to be applied.


To simplify claims creation, the client can generate a claim from an incident that has already been entered in the system. This process will reduce time and effort by directly linking each claim to the original incident. This tool will assist you to manage your WHS hazards, prevent incidents which in-turn reduces your workers’ compensation claims and associated insurance premiums.

Key benefits of SRG eClaim are:

  • Real time access to information i.e., dashboard summarising claims, hazards, and incidents.

  • Accessible by all Stakeholders (Clients, Insurers, Brokers, Medical Services Providers, Legal Advisers)

  • Reduces frictional costs in claims administration

  • Management reporting

  • Upload claims related accounting information from all major accounting software providers

  • Accessible via Desktop, Smart Phone or Tablet devices from our secure cloud.

  • Trends analysis for claims, hazards, and incidents i.e., common body part, location, hazard types

  • Identify and manage WHS risks

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