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information technology

Information and technology companies are encountering risks that are emerging and quite often in front of the rest of the world such as cyber and data breach exposures in addition to the traditional legal, people, financial and property exposures.


We are technology specialists and have built a reputation for our expertise in designing and placing complex insurance solutions and have simple SME packages to meet budget expectations. we manage some of Australia’s largest and most dynamic technology businesses, we also manage the insurance requirements for small business operators who still require the peace of mind of dealing with a broker that understands their business.

Critical areas we can assist you with include:

  • Negotiating tailored policy enhancements that meet your specific contractual needs

  • Identifying premium leakage so you’ll avoid paying excessive premiums due to misinformation about your business

  • Access to leading insurance products not previously accessed by your current provider

  • Claims management

  • Legal contract reviews

our core services

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client engagement graphic.png
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