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workplace health & safety (WHS) specialist services

Our Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) Specialist Services form an integral part of our workers’ compensation and people risk advisory services.  Recognising that a successful WHS program will deliver both long- and short-term benefits, with the main objective to minimise and manage risks and make WHS an inherent part of your organisations culture.


Our experienced and passionate team will work with you to assess your existing WHS Program for compliance with the new WHS Legislation or assist you to develop a program that integrates seamlessly with your existing company structures.


We have established relationships with Specialist Providers such as Occupational Physicians, Fitness for Work Experts, Exercise and Rehabilitation Specialists and Other Allied Health Professionals that can provide specialised assistance with both preventative and/or treatment programs.

Some of our services include:

  • WHS Management Systems Development and Implementation (WHS Policies and Procedures)

  • WHS Management Systems Auditing - ISO 45001 / AS4801 OHS Management Systems

  • WHS Legislation Awareness/Education

  • Injury Management and Return to Work Planning

  • Development of WHS Risk Registers

  • Development of Fitness for Work Programs

  • WHS Awareness and training

We can also provide ongoing guidance, coaching, and mentoring to assist your team manage or implement your WHS Program.

Whether it’s just a health check to ensure that you are compliant with the new WHS legislation relevant to your organisation or some extra support to assist you with your injury/claims management process, talk to us about how we can assist you.

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