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Download Tibia Bot Ng 8.10 benjaw




.1... there is still no inittab user_, take a look at Launchpad bug 1074750 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Enable multi-core processing in grub2" [Wishlist,Triaged] you can also attach a new grub2 patch if you want Hi, I'm still unable to get my smartphone to work with the new kernel. I'm now in #ubuntu-kernel, but I would really like to figure out a working solution on my own. How can I start debugging this? kern.log shows nothing and I'm not sure where to start. zen_monkey: I just put a new comment on the bug report, thank you for the link. flupke: what kind of device? iphone? user_, yes I am having issues with lm-sensors ( and I believe it is because of the overheating but my computer sits at the desktop, not shutting down. I need to figure out how to fix this. I can, however, shut down by shutting down the computer then holding the power button down. Can anyone help? flupke: if its old enough it probably uses the symbian os user_, I have the latest version of android user_, and there is no way to update the firmware. flupke: it has to be rooted flupke: does it need to be in recovery mode? user_, the phone is stock, but with cyanogenmod flupke, I would not hold my breath for any help, they are basically ignoring you, I'm not a kernel developer. user_, I'm not in recovery mode. it's currently in bootloader mode. flupke: when you unplug it does it charge? user_, no, it doesn't charge




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