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Now part of SRG Group

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Welcome to Risk Guidance Insurance

Risk Guidance Insurance has joined the SRG Group in 2021 to become one of Australia’s leading insurance broking and claims management firms with clients Australia wide and overseas. We specialise in business insurance and risk management. We work closely with our clients to understand their businesses and risk exposure, which enables us to procure insurance cover for our clients commensurate to their risk. We are creative and innovative in our business, offering our clients more than just a transactional service.

Our combined strength ensures we have the expertise, buying power and technical resources to offer professional, personalised service and tailored insurance plans that are superior to the standard offering in the insurance market. As a valued partner, we take the time to really understand your business and leverage our combined strength to deliver the best outcome for your individual needs.


We believe this mix of corporate strength and boutique service capability, along with the fact we view our clients as stakeholders in the business, is what sets us apart

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