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It's not just the athlete that feels the impact

Recent high-profile cases in the professional sporting world have highlighted that there are some inadequacies in the various insurance programs in place for the professional athlete. Whilst the various sporting bodies have the right intentions by having insurance for their players, each athlete’s situation is different. The standard cover in place may not be sufficient for the individual.

Whilst it is important for the player to be adequately insured, they are not the only ones that have an interest in their well-being. The Player Manager also has a financial interest in the athlete’s ability to continue to earn an income from the sport. Player Agent’s have the option to purchase their own insurance coverage that would protect their income proportion of the contract.

The same can be said for the club itself who has invested heavily in the player and may have to pay out the contract in the event of a career ending injury, let alone the impact on merchandise and even ticket sales if a marquee player is injured. The club can insure against their investment.

Sponsors are can also exposed to the Player welfare and have a financial interest. With athletes having a larger public profile than ever, sponsors are paying large sums of money to engage them as product endorsers or ambassadors for the chosen sport.

The Professional athlete is exposed to all types of risks daily. With athletes’ contract and endorsement values continuing to rise, it is more important than ever to have them correctly insured. This task can be a challenging one with not many insurance companies underwriting these types of risks.

ProSport cover is a specialist in this area and can offer complex insurance solutions to the Professional athlete and the various interested parties. With access to both overseas approved and local markets, ProSport can assist in obtaining cover or sourcing alternative quotes for covers that are already in place.

For more information on the services provided or the types of coverages available please visit or contact or contact Steve Wells.

Steve Wells

Account Director - Sport & Events


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