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Coronavirus - What you need to know before you cancel your travel plans.

The global situation with respect to COVID-19 is evolving rapidly. Any person contemplating travel should refer to both the World Health Organisation and ‘Smart traveller’ websites for the latest information (refer below).

We recommend you contact us BEFORE you cancel your travel arrangements to be clear on what (if any) insurance coverage is available to you. If you have yet to purchase flights, accommodation and other prepaid travel obligations we recommend you ensure you have full cancellation and/or transfer rights, as you may not be entitled to refunds as many Insurers have notified us that COVID-19 is a known circumstance Most Insurers have ceased to provide cover against loss of deposits, cancellation and other costs associated with terminating travel arrangements due to COVID-19, in recent days when bookings have been paid on or after the applicable cut-off date as COVID-19 is now being defined as a known circumstance. The cut-off date on providing cover for cancellation of travel due to COVID-19 differs amongst Insurers. If you are unsure of anything regarding your travel insurance please contact our office and we will provide specific information about your applicable Insurer’s position on COVID-19 and what coverage is provided.


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